Patterns Of Resilience

By Uwe Friedrichsen

Slide 74 - a couple of resilient software design patterns


In this slide deck, I first describe what resilience is, what it is about, why it is important and how it is different from traditional stability approaches.

After that introductory part the main part is a “small” pattern language which is organized around isolation, the typical starting point of resilient software design. I used quotation marks for “small” as even this subset of a complete resilience pattern language still consists of around 20 patterns.

All the patterns are briefly described and for some of the patterns I added a bit of detail, but as this is a slide deck, the voice track - as usual - is missing. Also this pattern language is still sort of work in progress, i.e., it has not yet settled and some details are still missing. Yet I think (or at least hope), that the slides might contain a few useful insights for you.